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We THINK .. Unique POSSIBILITIES understanding the meaning of SPACE & VOLUME in BUILDING sites & STRUCTURES..
Architecture  starts from LIGHT, MOTION, SPACE  and ends with an unprecedented INTENCITY with multiDIMENSIONal implications.
Unique PERSEPTION & DETAILS multiply our Perspective  in LIVING ..
                   KNOWLEDGE in unique MATERIALS ,
INNOVATION products, in ALTERNATIVE forms of ENERGY that can be produced and effectively utilize .
Made contacts of important co-suppliers in Greece, Europe and  eastern countries.
Sustained and got the  evaluation of hundreds of customers who trusted our work,.
As Architects we keep
           LIGHT, PRECISION , multi-dimensional legible, thoughtfull lines in sequence    SHAPES   DETAIL                 
               INNOVATION ..


We design residential and commercial projects , Innovated Products & Renovation Ideas. Cad architects and designers take care of everything starting with concept to implementation.  Development of project's proposal in accordance with specifications and client's wishes & thoughts.\

Preparation of documentation package for further coordinations with the customer: site plan, floor plans, 3D visualization & High Rendering Perspectives.


Design development (DD)

Formation of a set of documents:

  • Master Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Exterior - Interior high Renderings


Construction Documents (CD)


Package of documents and drawings with specifications for construction details and materials.


MP _Master plan views.

A     _Architecture: Exterior, Building envelope with material details, floor plans, sections.

S     _Structural: reinforced concrete constructions,flooring slabs, stair construction.

FF   _Furniture and furnishings.

E     _Electrical:plans for electrical outlets, fixtures and switches layouts.

C_Colouring data-material behaviour

G_Glass frames , Windows_Doors-Wintergarden.

You will be able to fully evaluate your future interior before beginning any construction works. You will receive a designed project in a packet with 3d visualizations of the space from different viewpoints and all needed drawings with it.

Design project includes:

D.Drawings with dimensions and engineering elements

D.Solutions for interior lay outs

D.Style options and color schemes

D.Master Plans-Floor plans -Views

D.Flooring plan and material installation schedules

D.Furniture specifications - placement plans

D.Ceiling construction detailing & Plan

D.Lighting features and outlets diagrams - fixtures specifications

D.Electric outlets plan

D.Door-windows frames plan

D.Wall views with material calculations and detailed sections of decorative     elements

D.Bathroom & sanitary equipment  views with material calculations

D.Furniture & Furnishing  with general dimensions features specifications & material calculations

D.Dress rooms -Cabinetes

D.Stair way features specifications & material calculations

D.Interior visualization done with Vectorworks Solids_Artlantis Studio         Rendering .




4 to 10 working weeks ( depending on project's complexity)



starting at 00,00 €   /m2 ( depending on documentation package volume)

Architect's project supervision can be included. We plan and monitor construction works progress. Our team of architects and engineers help to avoid mistakes and easily get through all the stages of construction.

Architect's Supervision Cost      00,00 €   /H

Dimokritos G. Kalaitzakis
Dimokritos G. Kalaitzakis
L.C.A. Architectural &Object Designer 

Tel:   +30 284 20 24 1 22

fax : +30 284 20 23 8 80

mob:+30 697 66 77 6 40

Despoina G. Kalaitzakis


         Bachelor of Honors in Business Administration

Tel:   +30 284 20 24 1 22

fax : +30 284 20 23 8 80

mob:+30 697 76 82 5 60

Untitled-1 (2)_edited.jpg
 George D. Kalaitzakis
U.O.L. Material Sculptor 

Tel:   +30 284 20 24 1 22

fax : +30 284 20 25 5 25

mob:+30 6977 64 30 03

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